Pulse Electromagnetic Frequency for Pain Management
(FDA Approved Device)


Nutritional Counseling


Kinesiology (Muscle Testing)


Spectra Vision Scan



"I was diagnosed with early stage of breast cancer. About eight weeks after setting strict nutritional guidelines coupled with various supplements provided by Matt Ozan."

"Dr. Ozan gave me hope at my lowest health point.  He listened and understood my desire to blend traditional and holistic medicine in order to help my body to do the healing.  He was also there just to talk to; as someone who understands the impact of a negative diagnosis and gave me the confidence to continue to fight through all the trying days ahead."

DD, South Holland IL.

"I am very fortunate to have found Matt as my health advisor! His consultations are life changing. He has an amazing scope and depth of information on all topics related to health and wellbeing. All of my questions were answered in great detail. He helped me to rethink my eating, breathing, exercising and sleeping habits. An hour spent with Matt will redirect your lifestyle in more beneficial ways that you could not have ever imagined. – He has helped me on my high level sugar problem; 6 months before the 60 minutes broadcasted a clip on August 5, 2012 & my sleep disorder issue and sport related shoulder injuries using unique organically prepared herbal remedies. His Holistic Health advice is priceless."

"Thank you Matt, so much for all your help."

Frank S.  Northville, MI

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