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I was diagnosed with early stage of breast cancer. About eight weeks after setting strict nutritional guidelines coupled with various supplements provided by Matt Ozan, my doctor gave me a clean bill of health.  Unbelievable but true.

Dr. Ozan gave me hope at my lowest health point.  He listened and understood my desire to blend traditional and holistic medicine in order to help my body to do the healing.  He was also there just to talk to; as someone who understands the impact of a negative diagnosis and gave me the confidence to continue to fight through all the trying days ahead.


South Holland, IL

When I asked Matt to help me with high level sugar, I was already addicted to sugar.

My A1C test diagnosed me as pre-diabetes and sugar addiction was overtaking my health.

Matt loves to educate... We started with making different food choices by cutting down on grain based carbs and reducing fruits and switching to low glycemic fruits and yes cooking with coconut oil. No more polyunsaturated fats for me. Eating whole natural foods, staying away from processed foods was a complete 180-degree turnaround for me.  Without learning and understanding these changes, I would have never been able to make the changes I have made!

Matt provided grate education in why certain foods can’t be digested and how certain foods affect the body. Also showed me various herbal supplements and natural foods I could eat to help with my sleep disorder, level of energy, appetite, and cravings. He has simplistic holistic solutions with variety list of natural supplements. It is very informative, and empowering. Now my energy levels soared and I feel so much better than I had in a long, time. He has a very thorough knowledge about nutrition and turning food into medicine. You get true understanding and the benefits of various foods, and the harm other food stuff may cause.

I see a direct correlation with the type of food I am eating and my hunger and the stability of my energy level throughout the day.

He urged me to become "health conscious" by paying attention to the whole body, more than food intake; it’s the mind, spirit, and soul.

He was very beneficial to me regarding the direction of my health, my eating habits, and weight loss. I am no longer a pre-diabetic. My blood sugar levels are back to the levels 30 years ago. Even my MD was surprised to see such a drop in such a short time and suggested that I should keep on doing what I was doing.


Dallas, TX

Thank you so much for recommending the day/night supplements. (I call them my superwoman pills).

Not only do I have a TON of energy, my overall mood is happier, my focus has improved drastically, and I am actually sleeping through the night which hasn't happened in years!!

I'm sending some friends your way!

Mel O.

Tinley Park, IL

Life is amazing….sometimes it leads you to the right person that you need in your life at that given moment.  For me, that person was Matt Ozan.  I had been dealing with a condition called lichen planus for a year and a half.  My doctor told me they didn’t know the cause for lichen planus and there is no known cure.  My doctor then prescribed a high oral dosage of Prednizone to  try to relieve the symptoms  of burning and itching of the skin as well as try to slow down the progression of the ‘spots/blotches’ that were concentrated  initially on my lower back and travelling up my spine as well as on my front torso to a great degree.  I was on the steroids for longer than initially prescribed due to the severity of my condition.   Due to the steroids I gained 20 pounds almost immediately and then additional weight as the months went on.  I did research and found out that steroids really do a number on your adrenals and knock them out of commission for a year or so.  As a result, I was not only dealing now with the lichen planus, but also the results of being on the steroids…weight gain, body aches, no energy, tossing and turning at night … I seriously felt like an 80 year old woman in a 55 year old body.

Matt was challenged with my condition since he hadn’t ever treated anyone with lichen planus before due to the rarity of it, and he definitely has gone above and beyond in helping me get better.  He recommended a variety of supplements for me to take to help support my body in the healing process. We are working at moving
myph from a 6.0 up to the 6.4 to 7.0 range in order to ‘detox’ my body from toxins as well. I had an initial 2 week transition period where my breakfast and lunch foods were limited to certain healthy selections and I juiced for the dinner meal.  Then I moved to an 8 week juicing program where all my meals were juice only, with certain fruits for snacks in between if I got hungry.  Surprisingly, I don’t really get all that hungry in between meals and I often forget it’s juicing time!  It’s so interesting what your body adapts to.

I have now completed the first 2 transition weeks and two full weeks of juice only at
allmeals.. My ph has moved from 6.0 to 6.2 and I’ve lost a total of 13 pounds.  Although weight loss isn’t a goal of the treatment, it’s a nice benefit for sure!  It’s awesome that as you get healthy your body moves your weight to a healthy weight as well.  Love it!  I am feeling less achy (it used to be hard to get out of bed due to achiness and also to get up from a couch/chair), I’m also sleeping better at night and have more energy.  I still have the spots/blotches from the lichen planus, but those may take a while to be affected.  Since my skin is involved, my blood needs to be purified and that is one of the things the protocol that Matt prescribed for me will do.

I have 6 weeks left of full juicing and I’m so excited to see how my body will continue to respond!  I have such a sense of honoring my body through all of this with a goal to repair any damage I did in the past due to a high stress life and not eating high quality food and water.  It’s due to Matt’s incredible knowledge base and his caring and healing spirit that I’m getting healthier day after day.


Needless to say, I highly recommend Matt and I think the world of him!

Christine M.

Seattle, WA/Mountain Home, AR

I am very fortunate to have found Matt as my health advisor! His consultations are life changing. He has an amazing scope and depth of information on all topics related to health and wellbeing. All of my questions were answered in great detail. He helped me to rethink my eating, breathing, exercising and sleeping habits. An hour spent with Matt will redirect your lifestyle in more beneficial ways that you could not have ever imagined. – He has helped me on my high level sugar problem; 6 months before the 60 minutes broadcasted a clip on August 5, 2012 & my sleep disorder issue and sport related shoulder injuries using unique organically prepared herbal remedies. His Holistic Health advice is priceless.

Thank you Matt, so much for all your help.

Frank S.

Northville, MI

This is to recognize a really great person, one who cares about people.  
Matt Ozan. 
He has taken the time on more than one occasion to advise me on a new path to better health.  By virtue of the exploratory discussions with Dr. Matt, he has suggested natural remedies, vitamins and mineral products that have changed my life for good! 
I now feel better about myself, both in the mental and physical sense, and also, generally in much better all around good health.
I’ve lost weight – about 18 lbs., since spring of 2012, and looking forward to dropping about 10 more lbs.  I learned from Matt about organic foods, and various types of products out there that are ideal for a journey to better health.
His recommendations and suggestions have all proved vital to me now; I’ve gotten rid of old habits, bad food choices, pop, sugar, etc…
I couldn’t recommend Dr. Matt more.

Joe E.

Tinley Park, IL

I've read that people will put the best oils in their cars, they'll spend massive amounts of money on the best cars and all the little accessories, yet we fuel our bodies with junk. We treat our bodies poorly and wonder why it rebels by allowing cancer to overtake it. Abuse it long enough and you will ultimately suffer for it in the long run. Matt Ozan at Holistic Trail has decided to make it his life's work to help people, like me, and put them on the track to better health.

I have to admit, I’m his toughest, worse, most resistant client. I abhor taking anything in pill or capsule form. I’m regimented at everything but my health. Thank goodness for good genes and Matt for pushing me to be more conscience of eating nutritious foods. In the past, I would have gone days without eating and when I did decide to eat, it was something fast because of my busy lifestyle. I made a commitment to ‘try’ to follow his instructions to the letter. For those that know me it’s very difficult since eating is not my number one priority.

This week, I decided to bite the bullet and begin to really listen to him. After all, I’m not getting younger and my body will begin to let me know that for a fact unless I take control and turn the clock on my health. I began with a liver and gallbladder cleanse. Ok, not the most pleasant topic to start you off with but I’m going to be very frank. I was amazed no, horrified at what our bodies will hold onto unless we are proactive in ridding our bodies of these toxins. I admit, I was VERY skeptical, but after this weekend my skepticism flew right out the window (my body began to expel stones from the size of a lentil to the size of a walnut) this, I’m told, is not unusual since most bodies carry these toxins and cholesterol stones. According to Matt, it’s these stones that can and do harden and causing an individual to lose their gallbladders and even clog the liver. I can say this morning I woke up feeling really good. I did not wake up tired as a matter of fact, I feel energetic.

Since I represent a good portion of the population, I’ve decided the best way to reach other’s is to share my experience with them. So, I’m going to bring you along on my journey to better health. Ugh, but the next step is diligently working out… sigh.

Polly S.

Orland Park, IL

Since my last visit, all of your remedies got rid of that bug I had! I feel 100% and I am able to enjoy my vacation!  Took only less than a day to notice a huge improvement!! Thank you so much! :)

Sara P.

Chicago, IL

It was great attending the Holistic Trail grand opening for their new location! The office is so peaceful and the sugar/flour free treats were amazing:)

Melissa O.

Oak Forest, IL

Good morning Mr. Ozan!

This is Geunyoung P, Michael's friend with the sciatic pain. This is my follow up.

-I began taking my supplements that you told me to order strictly for almost 2 months. I resupplied most of them once I ran out, except the Wobenzym
-I followed your diet restrictions [beginning weight (march 1st): 215, Today: 195]

-Sciatica showed great improvements about 4 weeks in, but the improvements reached a plateau since then. The morning back pains are gone and walking long distance is not a problem anymore, but a pinch/irritation does still occur whilst stretching or doing cardio.

-Overall health is excellent. I look and feel much better than I had 2 months ago.

I did not think just the medication and diet would completely heal my nerve damage, so currently, I am very happy with my results.

Now, what do you think my next step should be?

Thank you

Geunyong P.

Alsip, IL

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